Ugly to the Bone

From the time I was a kid I wanted to be beautiful, brilliant and noble.


My teeth still crowd together in the front of my mouth. I can’t spell or add without using my fingers. Every Christmas Eve I cry because I was afraid everyone will forget to buy me presents.

I’m messed up.

Maybe that’s why I like the goofy sitcoms like the office and Parks and Recreation. I can relate to Ellie Kemper, from The Office, who blurts out bizarre tidbits from her days of being in foster care office and Chris Pratt, on Parks and Recreation, who writes hopelessly warped songs for his band Mouse Rat.

They remind me of myself.

Socially awkward.


Not very clever.

Is that so bad?

I used to think so. For decades I tried to make myself into somebody I was never meant to be.

No success.

When I had kids, I started in on them. Maybe they could live the life I always wanted to live. Fortunately, all four of them were too well adjusted to take me seriously.
Or, maybe they got more out of their Sunday classes than I did. I know one concept that slipped by me-

God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.

I guess I was too busy picking gum off the bottom of my chair that morning.

But, it’s true.

We’re all flawed.

Compared to the holiness of God, we are ugly to the bone.

We all need Jesus.

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