How to make it through a Monday

I hate Mondays.

Weekends I savor like an expertly grilled steak or juicy slice of watermelon.

Mondays taste more like a high end protein bar. It’s a long, flavorless chew just to get the grainy mass down.


Confession – I’ve been working for the weekend. I always do. (And no, I didn’t write the song.)


Facts I’ve been thinking about today –

· Weekends are less than half as long as the weekdays I trudge through to get there.

· Weekends don’t always work out. Sickness. Overscheduling. Two days of bliss unexpectedly turning into the mini-series -“Busted-Legend of the Girl Who Should Have Stayed in Bed”


Something’s got to change.


Starting tomorrow-

I’ll crawl out of bed,

Toss my aching bones into the shower.

Grope through the laundry basket for a clean pair of pants to wear to work.



Before I blast a band on the FM station on the way to work,

or race into the collision of conversations at the office,

I’ll stop.

Take a deep breath,

Savor the sensation of being alive.


It’s simple. 

Not a huge commitment.

More like a few seconds of deliberate awareness, an exercise in regaining a sense of who I am and why I’m here on this planet.



How about you? Hate them? Love them? I’d love to hear how you get through the day.