Translation, Please!


“My boss told me she had a check in her spirit,” I overheard a college student comment to her friend as they passed me in the hallway

Fortunately, I was fluent in Christianese. Otherwise, I might have questioned the wisdom of storing checks in something nebulous as a spirit.

Imagine if you were a cash-only girl.

I’m not to trying to discredit the value of catch phrases. Truck drivers, computer geeks and policemen pack loads of meaning in just a few words.

They can save time and even lives.

But, is there a place for buzz words in the church?

In the right setting,  key phrases can be portals that lead to expansive concepts. But, they can also be used to avoid honesty. Authenticity isn’t always pleasant or clever but it is the glue that holds relationships together.

Perhaps, we should think twice before announcing to the general public that we are “feeding on the Word”.

Unless bits and pieces of the New Testament are visibly stuck between our teeth we may sound a bit deranged. The fact is we read our Bible every day because we desperately need to know God.

Instead of telling a struggling sinner to “take his burden to the Lord in prayer”, why not just admit that we have no idea how to help him, much less help ourselves?

Sometimes honesty makes us feel naked, so we cover ourselves in words.

We act like we belong.

But, nobody knows who we really are.

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