When Mondays get you down


Last week I wrote a blog about how to make it through a Monday.

I tried to take my own advice.

“Pause before you plunge into the craziness of the day.”

“Settle into the moment.”


But, somehow, I slipped into the wrong one.


This moment began with the sound of the windshield wipers, the rumbling of wheels on the road. .

I caught a whiff of tuna fish from the paper brown bag on my lap.

Then, the bus slowed.

As I stepped out in front of a low, brick building, I felt my stomach lurch.


This particular moment was all about Monday and how much I hated school.

· The kids who teased me.

· The homework assignments I never finished.

· The library books I always lost.

· The questions the teachers would ask me to answer in front of the class.


On weekends, I laughed and made up games for my siblings. I wrote stories and sang songs.

But, Monday when came, I headed to my doom.


Like I said, wrong moment.

I don’t live there anymore.

· The bullies are grown up.

· The teachers retired.

· The school building gone.


Tomorrow, I‘ll try again.

Pause before I plunge into the day.

Center on the present.

Not the past or the future.

I’ll savor where I am.

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