Theme Park Christianity

Scary thought.

Imagine Christians spinning through life on tilt-a-whirls of courage, parachute drops of faith and Farris wheels of joy.

Actually, I’ve heard a sermon or two along this line.

The magnificence of the Christian living.

  • Non-stop glory.
  • Wonder.
  • Even monetary reward.

All I know is that life can be hard.

Like today.

  •  My head ached.
  •  I got soaked in the rain.
  • My appointments fell through.
  •  I lost my temper.
  •  Had a meltdown.

(Note to self: proposed title for autobiography – “It’s a Wonderful Life” may not fit.)

Following God is challenging.

Its about living out what you believe when it hurts.

It’s about staying true to God when no one else can see Him.

It’s about faith.

I am not referring to blind resignation or some tattered flag of surrender waved in the face of hopelessness.

“It’s the substance of things hoped for,” the writer of the book of Hebrews said, “the evidence of things not seen”.

Now, that dude knew his business when it came to faith.

After a bad day,

Rough week.

Difficult year.

A spectacular meltdown,

Sometimes faith is all that remains.

Been there? Let me know.

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