The west coast sun, John Donne and the problem with isolation on planet earth


The West coast sun finally showed up this afternoon.

I grabbed the dog and took her out to the field behind the college dorms.

Even though I could still hear the traffic barreling down 152nd street, the stress of the day receded.

Molly splashed through shallow puddles. I gazed out at a swollen stream. It slid like a lumpy snake through the low lying area beside the field.

I savored every moment.

· No social cues to interpret

· No expectations to fulfill

But, not for long.

I walked off the field, past the college learning center. On the other side of the college property, I entered the natural habitat of

· two teenagers

· two young adults

· a mom

· a dad

· a grandma over seventy

My home.

In the 1600’s John Donne wrote “No man is an island.” I always resented him for that. I savor the silence, the lack of social pressure, the day unfolding around me with out interruption.

I’m a loner at heart. I rant on how much of a recluse I am.

But, my words are just filler to hide my fear of being known.

This world is all about connection. We are all involved to some degree in someone else’s joy or pain.

“Each man’s death diminishes me,” John wrote in Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, “For I am involved in mankind.”

I may be walk alone behind the dorms. But, in the end I head home.

We all belong to someone, somewhere, somehow. Each of us are a part of a divine jigsaw puzzle, each piece meant to fit side by side..

How will the life you live change another person’s life today?

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