Cheesy worship songs, ripped fabric and God’s majesty

hiding from God

I’ve never seen God’s face.

That’s a good thing according to Exodus 33:20-23.

God told Moses that nobody saw the face of God and lived.

There is nothing cute or sweet about God. He is not cool in the sense of “hanging out”.

There is nothing casual about Him.

If a million people sang cheesy worship songs nonstop for a million years it would not change the character of God.

His love is not a warm fuzzy feeling. It is fierce and constant. It is ocean-like in its vastness.

Not until the birth of a tiny baby in Bethlehem did God have a face that we could see. Skin we could touch.

Not until Jesus.

Easter is about remembering the death of this man.

His resurrection.

It’s significance.

All I can think about is the moment Jesus took his last breath.

The ground shook. Graves opened by the sheer power of his sacrifice.

In the holy temple, fabric preventing the ordinary Jew entering the Holy of Holy’s ripped in two. No need for a curtain any more.

The death of Jesus uncovered the presence of God for us.

His sacrifice revealed God’s heart to the world.


That’s what I feel during passion week.

Awe of His righteousness. His majesty. His Glory.

Awe of a God up close and personal.

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