Taking Care of Business-Why Easter celebrates the take-down of Death, Hell and the Grave

the take-down of death, hell and the grave



The grave

The three essential elements in a scary movie, right?

Not necessarily.

Death, hell and the grave are not as powerful as they used to be.

Not since the resurrection.

1. Blame it on Jesus. He’s the one who hung on the cross.

2. Blame it on God. He’s the one who chose not to intervene when his Son died.

Somewhere between the cross and the resurrection, Jesus crushed the head of death like it was a bug. He snatch up the keys to death, hell and the grave and walked away.

At that moment, the three hallmarks of a fallen world lost their standing in eternity.

Beyond impressive.


He was just taking care of business. The Father’s business.

What does Esther mean to you? Chocolate Easter eggs? A religious fairytale completely out of control? Or, does it define every breath you take?

Do you believe?

I’d love to know and why or why not..