Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones–How to Stop the Opinions of Other People from Ruining your Life.


I read something on Facebook the other day.

“If you don’t live by the praises of men you won’t die by their criticisms.”

That hit me in the gut.

I live on any little tasty tidbit of  praise that I can find.

Every single day.

I judge myself by how others react to me. If someone complements me, I get giddy. It’s a rush, like winning the lottery.

If someone doesn’t like what I’m doing and expresses it, I feel like I’m shriveling up inside.

Essentially, I’ve strapped my emotions onto a roller coaster of opinions.

It’s a wild and crazy ride. 

Bad enough that I’m menopausal as well.

After I read the Facebook quote, I had weird dreams. Not just too much Indian spice or Taco sauce kind of weird.

This was ache-in-the-brain weird.

  1. Shapes and shadows raced through my mind over and over again.
  2. Then, I was in a South Carolina university trying to find my classroom in a maze of old buildings.
  3. Next thing I knew I was driving down a two lane  highway trying to reach Canada before my kids got out of school.

I woke up.



Then, I remembered.

I’m free.

If I choose to be.

I know all you emotionally healthy people are probably shaking your head at the simplicity of my epiphany.

So be it. I’m not going to worry about what you think.

I’m free.

  • to take risks.
  • to be creative.
  • to have an opinion without the compulsion to quickly apologize.

Free to

  • change and
  •  grow and
  •  achieve

out of passion.

Out of an untamed, reckless love of an almighty God.

Not obligation.

Does criticism get to you more than most people?

Have you ever found yourself making decisions on the basis of what people will think of you?