Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny and a Princess come Undone – Heavy Duty Truth in the Middle of Madness


I remember watching the Roadrunner on TV.

Wiley E. coyote was always after him.

Sure, it was a cartoon.

But, to the coyote, it was serious business.

Wiley E. Coyote was out to destroy the pesky roadrunner.

He constantly ordered packages from Acme products such as

  • Dehydrated Boulders,
  • Bat-Man Outfit,
  • Rocket Sled,
  • Jet Powered Roller Skates,
  • Earthquake Pills

All this to take the roadrunner down.

Most times the gadgets backfired.

Wiley E Coyote ended up burned to a crisp or flattened like a pancake.

Now, Bugs Bunny was my favorite.

  • Never lost his cool.
  • Never lost his sense of humor.
  • Never lost his manners
  • Never forgot his byline “What’s up doc?”

Elmer Fudd, a rabbit hunter, carried an oversized gun and sang “Kill the wrabbit, Kill the wrabbit.”

He got out maneuvered by Bugs Bunny every show.

And, then there was the princess.

It was a sort of generic filler cartoon. The slapstick storyline lasted less than five minutes.

The princess lived in the forest. She longed to be married. Her parents decided to help her chances by wrapping her body round and round with cloth until she was about a size three.

This maneuver transformed her into a slender beauty.

Immediately, a handsome prince asked her to marry him.

Then, it happened.

Maybe, she sneezed.

Maybe, she moved a little too fast.

The tightly wound fabric loosened. Her body swelled to its former size.

Obviously, this was before Dove soap’s campaign to “love the skin you’re in” and “real beauty”.  It was before anorexia and bulimia were as familiar as the common cold.

And yet, a truth pushed up through the storyline.

We are who we are.

No amount of tugging and wrapping and tightening can change the shape of who God created us to be.

So why not (forgive me, Dove Company, I couldn’t resist) enjoy the skin that He put us in?

Try it this week.

Don’t let anyone wrap you up in their own idea of what you should be.

Just be you.