Cannonballs, Big Toes and an Examination of an E-book on Writer’s Courage


children at the edge of water

Ever do the Cannonball into the water the first time you get to the lake?

Not me.

I ease one big toe in first.

Check on me ten minutes later and the water is lapping at my waist.

It’s the northwest. Lakes keep their winter chill far into the summer. So I just ease my way in.

I approach writing the same way.

Absolutely NO cannonballs.

I put one toe in at a time. That way if someone what I wrote and didn’t like it I could back away real quick.

That’s right. I’m afraid.

But, I still feel like I have something to say.

So, I started this blog. It’s my Cannonball move.

The first time I posted I stayed up half the night.

“Are you insane?” I asked myself as I stared into the dark, “Why did you write that? What are people going to think?”

Honestly, not much.

My first readers were all blood related. My storylines were inbred versions of my favorite books and sitcoms.

I discovered an online blogging course. I tossed out my initial “Hi-its-me-and-I-feel-warm-fuzzies-every- time-the-sun-is-shinning” approach and started being honest about how I felt about the world around me.

I started to blog.

Then, I got a kick in the pants.

In his new ebook, You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) Jeff Goins hit me where it hurt. Sure, Jeff encouraged and inspired writers to embrace their passion develop their passion and network their passion.

But, Jeff had to go even further.

“None of this matters one hill of beans if you aren’t brave. If you do not persevere,” he wrote.

you are a writer


The dude’s a hurt machine.

But, it’s a good kind of hurt. The kind that gets you thinking that maybe you do have something to say.