There’s A Fire Burning In My Soul–how to shine for Jesus when you really want to lash out in anger.




“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,”

For some folks this song conjures up a gospel choir

  • swaying to the music.
  • long robes flowing.
  • Voices soaring to the heavens.

In my mind’s eye, I see a chubby, nail-chewed finger held up like a candle.

God’s love is the light”, my Sunday school teacher used to tell me, “That’s what should be shining from our lives.”

I remember her belting out the second verse.

“Don’t let Satan blow it out, I’m gonna let it shine.”

Great song. Amazing concept.

But, like most dazzling musical ditties for kids, there were no instructions offered on how to live it out.

All I had was a finger waving in the air. To an uninformed observer, it was a tossup as to whether I was about to

  1. pick my nose
  2. or poke my eye out.

Dangerous business.

Still, I don’t think I set any alarms off on the dark side.

I know now that Satan is more sinister than some character in long red underwear who waves a pitchfork  and runs around blowing out creepy little candles in the shape of little kid’s fingers.

Nor, does he work overtime actually blowing out the light of God’s love.

He lets us to the dirty deed ourselves.

Somewhere, someone will eventually

  • question our faith.
  • defy our beliefs with their own reasoning.
  • Threaten our right to worship the living God.

That’s our cue to shine. To respond with love.

And, that’s when we lose it.

Rarely with physical violence. Mostly with words.

  • Name calling.
  • Doctrinal tirades.
  • Disapproving lectures.

We rail against politicians, atheists, homosexuals and even those of our faith whose worship lifestyle appears much different than our own.

The pulsating force of heaven’s heart that reaches down to embrace the most heinous soul, starts to flicker.

Until hatred finally blows it out.

News alert:

Every four years, around voting time, this threat of the unknown can make us a little crazy.

And very forgetful about whom is really in control. Not

  1. politicians.
  2. special interest groups.
  3. the religious right or left.

God is.

He doesn’t need

  • Our anger.
  • Our red faced condemnation.
  • Our scathing defense of the gospel.

He can take care of Himself.

All we need to do is let His light shine.