The Power of Hymns–how to make sure truth doesn’t end up in a museum.



This is an old hymn book I saw at the Siloam Springs, Arkansas Museum.

It reminded me of the soundtrack of my childhood.

  • Rock of Ages. 
  • Blessed Assurance.
  • Amazing Grace.
  • Victory in Jesus.

The list goes on and on and on.

On graduation Day, just a few miles from the museum, the John Brown University Choir sang the heavyweight of all hymns-


A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.

The chords didn’t just ask for attention, they demanded respect.

The lyrics didn’t  just suggest biblical truth, they unveiled the majesty of God right in front of everyone.

My first thought was –

“This is so great. Everybody should sing these hymns all the time. ”

Of course, my emotions were already running at full throttle. 

I was about  to spout one of those modern-songs-are-shallow-so-we-better-get-back-to-the-old-songs rant.

Then, I remembered.

  1. Hymns are not like fine wine.
  2. It’s not the aging that makes them powerful.
  3. Its the poetic expression and doctrinal integrity of the song writer that seals the deal.

New hymns for a new generation?

An absolute necessity.

The same abiding truth expressed in a fresh, new way.

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