The dreams that make life worth living-




I’m not talking about drool-on-the-pillow type dreams or flighty I-want-to-stay-twenty-one –forever dreams.

It’s more of how- I’m- gonna- change- the-world-for-the-better type dreams.

Ok, maybe a drool-soaked pillow might be what you’re aiming for. Or maybe you’re really into forever-young delusions.

If not, this blog is for you.

Dream your dreams.

Embrace the sheer audacity of what they propose.

Don’t just wrap your mind around them,

Wrap your goals and energy around the core of what you hope will be someday.

Dreams don’t just happen.


  • pray,
  • hope ,
  • sacrifice

them into being.

The pursuits of dreams challenge our faith, test our courage and solidify our determination..

True dreams are about changing the world in our own way.

The focus on becoming

  1. rich,
  2. super famous or
  3. powerful

is more of an obsession than a dream.

Dreams are not measured by range of impact but by sincerity of purpose.

So go ahead.

Dream to

  • change your world,
  • spread your faith,
  • broaden your ability to communicate God’s love.

It may be as practical as opening that little café or as monumental as moving your family to the jungles Papua New Gunea to bring the gospel to a Stone Age tribe.

It could be as simple as starting a blog.


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