Sometimes It Takes a Wreaking Ball–how rules become walls that isolate us from life.



Years ago, a friend and I took voice lessons together.

Eventually, the instructor offered to teach me privately at a very reduced rate. She said I had promise.

I was thrilled.

When the instructor signed me up for a music competition,

I bailed.


I had rules.

  • Never take risks.
  • Avoid the unknown.
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself.
  • Don’t make anyone angry.

I wasn’t born following these rules. In fact, I grew up

  • taking risks
  • running full tilt into the unknown.

I loved to

  • travel.
  • perform in front of people.
  • take charge of situations.
  • meet new people.

Hard times wore me down.

Disappointments. Rejection. Loss.

I needed rules to keep me safe.

Eventually, the rules turned into walls.

Not good.

I found out that walls block more than the wind and the rain.

They also close us off from

  • other people
  • opportunities
  • just plain growing as a person.

They can even keep us from God.

But, I kept the walls.

Case in point – My first trip to Disneyland.

I was a young mom at the time. Our first stop: the “It’s a Small World” ride. While my other kids gasped and squealed, I clung to my two month old baby and sighed.

That’s what I wanted. All I could handle at the  time.

A small world.

Not any more. I want freedom. I need to grow.

Taking a line from the lyrics of Hillsong United, I am attempting to

“Tear down the wall(s), see the world…There is so much more than this”.

What about you? Have any walls?

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