Teddy bears with tiny jackets–why it is important to remember evil even when times are good

holocoust bear

I love to think about

  • Books I’ve read.
  • Funny shows that I’ve seen.
  • Profound ideas.
  • Teaching my dog sign language so that she can stop barking and start articulating how she really feels.

I don’t like to think about

  • Cleaning my house.
  • Making a menu.
  • Growing old.
  • Zombies roaming the neighborhood. (Remember, I tutor college kids. I’ve seen them on  Saturday mornings. )

Seriously,  sometimes it’s important to remember the things we’d rather forget. 

That’s what happened today. I retrieved a small teddy bear from the back of an office shelf. It was a gift from my son.

When I picked it up my first thought was not,

  • “Oh, wow, you’re fur is so soft”
  • or “your muslim coat is so cute.”

I thought of

  1. smoke stacks,
  2. Train cars jammed with people,
  3. Death camps,
  4. orphans and refugees.

You see, my son purchased the bear at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Every time I see this little bear, I remember the tears of an entire nation. The loss of a generation. I remember the hideous face of evil.

I remember the Holocaust.


It resides in all of us.

  • Jealousy.
  • Envy.
  • Murder.
  • Gossip.
  • Genocide.

We are foolish if we think  we do not need redemption.

Only God is truly good.

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