You against the odds -Three reasons to give up and one reason to keep on trying


I’ve faced the odds.

Challenges that made me feel queasy.


Crazy in the head that I would even think to take on the job.

But, I did.

It was September 2011. My daughter and I had just taken over the Sunday school program. Part of our duties was to put on a Sunday school Christmas program.

We looked through old material, searched the internet for new material. It was October before we realized that there was

  • no play
  • in the entire universe
  • compatible with the size and age grouping of our Sunday school.

So, we wrote our own.

At this point, maybe we should have just given up.

Three very obvious reasons come to mind.

  1. Time constraint – we only had about 11 Sundays to practice. One Saturday dress rehearsal. One constant prayer that everyone would show up to practice on time.
  2. Fear of the unknown – we were going for something beyond just a few songs and recitations. It was about a time machine. Would the audience even get it? Would it come off too presumptuous? Or would be so boring it would be hailed the new wonder drug for insomnia?
  3. Constant confusion – Kids announced half way through that they couldn’t make it. Kids suddenly showed up toward the end ready to participate. Kids too scared to talk. Kids to excited to stop talking. Kids with the munchies. Kids with short attention spans and even shorter memories. Kids dancing and jumping and just fooling around.

But, we didn’t.

One reason – it had to be done.

So, we did it by  

  • Refusing to think about insurmountable odds.
  • Breaking down every component into little steps.
  • Including everyone in the planning and preparation.
  • Flexing with the changes.

I have to confess

  • Our “Time Traveler’s Christmas” (a monumental statement on the birth of Christ and time travel) was performed in front of a live audience one time.
  • There was no rush at the box office for last minute tickets (it was free, for Pete’s sake!)
  • We used the “cutsie wootsie” factor to wow the audience toward the end. (we brought in the preschool class dressed like sheep. Now, who can say that’s not show biz?)

But, it was a success.

  • Parents were happy.
  • The kids felt proud of what they did.
  • The congregation felt included.
  • We reminded people what Christmas is really about.

What have you tackled that seemed almost too much for you? New job? New relationship? Trip you always wanted to take? Passion you wanted to pursue?  What helped you get through?

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