Donald Wheeler, Small Town Papers and Selfless Living–How to tell the difference between a superstar and a super hero.

movie stars

Ever get tired of hearing about the antics of the latest super stars?

  1. Phenomenal athletes with drug problems
  2. Reality show stars with crazy personalities
  3. Socialites with too much time on their hands
  4. Famous actors with marriages that last as long as a commercial

Basically, we as a society make superstars out of anyone who catches our fancy. Sometimes, we even call them heroes.

This is a a big mistake.

A sign of gross ignorance.

There is a profound difference between a super star and a hero.

Heroes are called heroes because they care deeply about other people and act on it.

We need more heroes.

Last Friday I found one. Not intentionally.

I was leisurely perusing the Stillwater Newspress.

Yes, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Fact is, I live in Surrey, British Columbia.

My son lives all the way across the known world in Stillwater.

I miss him.

So, I spend most evenings reading about the town where he lives.

That’s when I saw the head line.

Tribal Talking Circle honors memory of child welfare worker Donald Wheeler

Three things were obvious about Donald Wheeler.

  1. He was respected by his peers.
  2. He worked selflessly for children
  3. He was gone.

I had to know more.

So, I read what reporter Ricky O’Bannon had to say.

  • Donald Wheeler met his wife while a Baptist minister in East Texas.
  • He worked for department of Human services for twenty four years.
  • He was named child advocate of the year in 2010 by the Kids First Coalition.

I also found out that he loved neckties.

And, he loved people.

The article ended with an inscription offered by Donald’ wife.

“Most superheroes don’t have super powers,” it read, “They are just regular men and women from everyday life that have a super passion and super tenacity and are not willing to endure the unethical and unconscionable.”

Never met the guy.

Due to his tragic death I never will.

But, I wish I had.

How about you? Know a super hero? They may not be

  • Handsome or beautiful.
  • Famous or rich.
  • Dynamic or trendy.

Seriously, does that really matter?

I”m talking about people like Donald Wheeler. Selfless. Generous. Courageous in their own way.

I’d like to introduce a superhero every Monday.

  1. Maybe someone I’ve talked to or read about.
  2. Maybe someone who impacted your life.

Let me know.

I’d love to hear from you.

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