Feeling Groovy and Super Busy–what really matters when it comes to good works

queen bee

Last Sunday afternoon, I drove out of the church parking lot,


  • kind of groovy. (seventy style)
  • a little smug.
  • Secretly superior.

After all, I was queen of the intricate Sunday school hive. My honey had to be just a little more sweeter than the bees who buzzed around in the sanctuary listening to Pastor Barry preach.

All morning I had been busy, busy, busy.

  1. Managing teachers.
  2. Handing out supplies.
  3. Calming down children.
  4. Cutting out crafts.

Super duper me.

It felt so wonderful I almost forgot to drive.

“So, how was church,” I asked my husband.

Without loosening his grip on the dashboard, he replied,

The pastor talked about showing God’s grace.”

As our Honda careened onto Highway one, my husband explained that when we judge other people we are not showing grace.


One comment. Not even fully explained.


  • it cut deep,
  • slicing and dicing away my delusions of superiority
  • until I was finally whittled down to size.

Only one truth remained.

In the light of eternity

  1. Good works
  2. Big accomplishments

are nothing more than a clump of smelly old rags.

Forgiveness matters. 

Grace transforms lives.