The Power of a Promise–How an Ordinary Superhero battles human trafficking and brings children home.

To set the record straight, this boat has nothing to do with superhero’s. It’s my home for the week.

I’m with my mom, brother and sister-in-law on a cruise. If we have to pay by the pound for passage home, you may not see me for a while. Cruising is a not a drug zone…lots of people overdosing on carbs.

t’s free. It’s fun. And, a lot of its chocolate.

Need I say more?


WiFi is fat free, but it costs.  Big bucks.

Problem is, I can’t afford it without selling my first born. (he said no).

That’s why I’m in the local Juneau bar at 8 in the morning. Internet is only a flat rate of 5 bucks.

Needless to say, I may not post again until next Monday.

In the meantime, ponder this question.

Do you ever shop at thrift stores?

People, it’s a bargain jungle. Not for the faint of heart.

But, if you can make the trek past piles of

  • Used dentures
  • Punctured pool toys
  • Name brand shirts with the name of the deceased still inside

You just may find yourself a treasure.

I found mine.

It was a book called Little Princes: One man’s promise to bring home the lost children of Nepal.

little princes

It’s all about Conor Grennan. When he was almost thirty, Conor decided to tour the world.

It could have been just another wild adventure.

What made the difference?

Conor Grennan realized that

  1. if he just partied from country to country
  2. his mom to be disappointed.

So, he started his journey at the Little Princes Orphanage in Nepal. In this war torn country, he fell in love.

With orphans.

And stayed.

One day, a woman arrived at the orphanage door. She was looking for her two sons.

During her visit, she found them.

That’s when Conor discovered

  • Most of the children at Little Princes orphanage were not orphans.
  • · They were victims of human trafficking.
  • Seven more kids hid in the woman’s home.

Conor quickly found space for the kids in another orphanage.

Then, a violent revolution broke out.

Conor had to go home.

That’s when he got the bad news.

The human trafficker who had first found the seven kids, snatched them again.

Conor returned.

He began a frantic search for the kids. At the same time, he made a promise.

He would re-unite other children with their parents.

This was a dangerous endeavor.

Conor traveled to remote villages in the Nepalese hills. He showed pictures of children to villagers. One  by one, parents broke down. Years ago, they had been told that their kids were dead.

Today, Conor runs a program called Next Generation Nepal. Families are finding children that they thought they would never see again.

Yes, Conor is an ordinary superhero.

He is keeping his promise, one child a time.

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