Frozen in the middle of nowhere



Seriously, I’m not frozen. Just cold.

But, I am in the middle of nowhere.

Just a few quaint narrow streets.

Surrounded by

  • Cruise ships
  • and miles and miles of wilderness.

I’m in Alaska looking for Wi-Fi.

Tried the Skagway library. Even wrote a blog. It was

amazing clever.

deeply moving

incredibly informative.

But, you will never know just how much because it wouldn’t download to the internet. Then, I lost it.

That’s what happens when your fingers are frozen.

So, you will never know what female won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race  in 1986.

The details of Jack the stray dog who got to ride around the cruise ship in a stroller. Why he is now a service dog to the same lady who rescued him.

Well, there is a possibility I will return home as unless

  1. a certain unnamed former captain of the Costa Concordia or Titanic takes over.
  2. My widowed mother finds a boyfriend on the ship and I have to hang around and help my mom pretend to be wealthy so he will marry her.

Otherwise, I will return home or what I now refer to as Wi-Fi heaven. In that case, I will fill in the blanks on the race and stray dog.

Well, my fingers are now frozen. If I keep typing furiously I’m sure one of them will break. Not the souvenir I was looking for.

Now, I’ll purchase a half hour of wifi for $2.50. In remote Alaska, that’s a screaming deal.

That’s the trade off.

  • Expensive wifi (it’s expensive for everyone, even the locals) for great fish.
  • Cold and rain for snowcapped mountains and evergreens.

As for the gold rush, they should have been looking for sunshine. In this part of the world, when you finally feel it on your skin, you know you are blessed.

Well, I’ll be back blogging on Monday.

Wander through archived posts, if you dare.

Some are pretty scary. Others are just plain disturbing. But, they are all from the heart.

See you Monday!

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