How to Make Dreams Come True – with baby steps.


We all have dreams.

Goals we want to achieve.

Then, time passes by.

The dream remains a dream.

The goals we long to achieve are still the same distance away.

We begin to wonder if what we desire is even possible,

We don’t have the

  • Money
  • Time
  • Talent

Why even try?

Because trying is part of the journey.

And failing.

And trying again.

It reminds me of the 1999 movie “What About Bob?” starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.

Plot -An obsessive compulsive guy named Bob can hardly leave his home. Then, he reads the book Baby Steps written by his new psychiatrist. Bob leaves his apartment with his pet goldfish in a canning jar around his neck.

“Baby steps,” he says over and over as he inches out of his apartment. He manages to reach the bus station. Then, Bob travels all the way Lake Winnipesaukee.

To find out what happens when he tracks his psychiatrist down on vacation, you will have to watch the movie.

To reach your goals and realize your dreams, follow Bob’s lead.

Take baby steps.

1. Write down your long term goals.

It’s the hardest step for me. I used to think it was because I didn’t want to be tethered like an old pony or tied to the porch like a stray dog.

I told myself that I just didn’t want to inhibit my creativity.

Actually, I was afraid of failing. I’m still afraid of failing.

But, I’m going to try anyway.

2. Break the goals down into smaller chunks. What I want to accomplish in a year, six months or thirty days.

3. Do one thing each day to bring you closer to your goal. It can be as simple as

  • Making a phone call
  • Writing a few pages of your manuscript
  • Exercising for fifteen minutes

With his pet fish in a jar around his neck, Bob inched his way out of his apartment. He made it to the bus station. Eventually, he ended up in places he only dreamed of going. Doing things he had only dreamed of doing.

bob sailing

It all starts with baby steps.

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