When Pentecostals and Fundamentalist Baptists collide–


Let go.

Those two words wondered into my thoughts this morning and just about smacked me in the face.

Now, I’m not one to say that I heard the voice of God thundering through the shower door.

No visions of angels with swords streaming into the kitchen while I ate my oatmeal.

I was raised a Baptist, after all.

Fundamental Baptist. Republican persuaded, Wal-Mart loyal, King-James-only Baptist.

The deep- south kind.

I didn’t grow up with disembodied voices or shapes that shift and glow.

Then, I met Dennis – the consummate charismatic. We fell in love. I married this man of visions, prophesy and dreams.

Maybe it’s getting to me. This romantic merging of unquenchable Spirit and unchanging Word.

Cause those two words are not just messing around.

Could not They had my attention.

Tapping their determined little feet while I perused my Facebook page. God knows it’s a danger zone for me. A cesspool of comparison and  self-incrimination.

Today, I wondered if anyone would say “happy birthday”online. Would they even notice that I was growing older? Would they marvel that I still had all my original teeth?

Then, I looked at pictures of people I knew from the past, my fundamentalist days. I started going down the “what if” lane. What if I had gotten more education, developed my music or started writing earlier? What if I had worked harder, changed directions, taken more chances?

Where would I be now?

Let go.

That voice again.

Just let go.


  • what might have been
  • what will never be

slide through your fingers and focus on today.

One thought on “When Pentecostals and Fundamentalist Baptists collide–

  1. This is a fascinating topic for me too because I came out of a non-Pentecostal background.

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