Finding God in an Instagram World


It makes me nervous.

Facebook keeps me up at night.

I just stare at the ceiling wondering I will ever be

  • Postable.
  • Bloggable.
  • Like Button pushable.

Let’s face it. Some updates are pretty amazing.

  1. Eating pizza at the Ritz.
  2. Jumping off a moving train.
  3. Dancing on a balcony in hurricane force winds.

Reality is – people are more than just a frozen moment in time,

  • One facial expression.
  • An offhand remark.
  • An isolated incident.

But, we’re human. Even when we are functioning at maximum capacity, we tend to make assumptions on bits and pieces of people’s lives.

No wonder we often don’t understand one another.

Human beings don’t have the eyes of God.

Never have, never will.

He knows

  • our eternal status.
  • Our inner twitter.
  • Our mental instagrams.

God sees our hearts.

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