How to Take a Meaningful Nap–especially on a Sunday Afternoon

I am and will forever be a preacher’s daughter.

Mind you, the preacher’s dead. But, the legacy lives on in my psychic and in my habits.

Busy. Busy. Busy. That’s how we rolled.

  • teaching Sunday School.
  • making a casserole for the next potluck.
  • praying. Going out on visitation.
  • reading the Bible.
  • attending service after service after service.

Still makes my head spin a bit.

There was one ritual we all held sacred. I still do.

The Sunday Afternoon Nap.

man napping

It was not hard to do. Stomach full of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and a heaping helping of green beans needed a place to spread out and relax. The rest was history.

These days most people don’t even consider stopping to nap.

“What will people think of me,” they wonder, “if I sprawl around in the middle of the day?”

I don’t know.

And, I don’t care.

I still take my naps when and whereever I can.

classroom napping

Like I said, it’s in my psychological DNA.

The 2009 Harvard Health Letter reports that “sleep improves learning, memory, and creative thinking. In many cases, the edifying sleep has been a nap.”

My advice as an experienced snoozer?

Make it long enough to rejuvenate but not so long as to make you feel as if you had overdosed on someone’s leftover bottle of cold medicine.

A 15 to 30 minute snooze makes you feel like a different person.

  • More alert.
  • Less cranky.
  • More optimistic.

baby 2 napping

Close those heavy lids in a quiet place. The 15 to 30 minute span is only effective as it is uninterrupted.

Periodic napping can help repair the damage that doing too much for too many people leaves behind.

How else do you think preachers survive the stress of the ministry?

One Sunday afternoon nap at a time.

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