So Much Destruction, So Little Time–the power and temptation of gossip


lord of the rings

I regret

  1. Not having the stamina to watch all three Lord of the Rings in a row.
  2. Jumping off a dock at low tide and getting stuck in mud up to my waist. (happened when I was thirteen. I think my boots are still there.)
  3. Every time I talked behind someone’s back.

I think I’m almost over the trauma of the first two.

  • I can laugh now about how my sister and I rocked back and forth for hours hoping we would somehow shake loose before the tide came back in.
  • Even though my days may not be as intriguing without Frodo and his companions struggling up the mountain beside me, I get by. Life goes on.

Not so with number 3.

I still deeply regret every time I said something unkind about

  1. A friend.
  2. A co-worker.
  3. A family member.

Usually I did it for attention. I wanted to appear to be better than other people because I felt so bad about myself.

That plan sure backfired.

Dragging other people down into the mud didn’t make me feel special at all. It just made me feel all dirty inside.

If only the dirt had showed on the outside. It would have been a great reminder not to do it again.

Because, I still get tempted to

  • look hip and cool with information no one else is talking about.
  • secretly get even with someone who hurt me first.

With one comment

  1. A reputation’s shattered.
  2. A friendship’s bludgeoned.
  3. Someone’s opportunity is wiped away as if it had never been an option in the first place.

All because of me.

Begging forgiveness is necessary. But, it is not enough. I have to stop. We all have to stop.

And, put down our weapons of mass destruction.

Let the healing begin.

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