When Canadian’s Head South and Senior Citizen’s Raise Hell–Don’t let it steal your joy


seaside cafe

Today I crossed the line.


  • morally
  • politically
  • or even relationally.

Let’s just say territorially.

I left Canada to shop in the States.

After plundering the Bellingham, Washington Costco like some cheese-starved Viking, I headed back north.

Just before donning on my fur lined parka and crossing over into the dog sled lanes of Canada, I stopped at the Seaside Bakery Café’,

and ordered a cup of Spring Onion soup.

spring onion soup


Tender vegetables. Herbs and Asiago cheese. Yum.

The scene was set.

  1. My mom and I sipped soup and nibbled on our Panini sandwiches.
  2. A party of three sat across the room and bantered back and forth.
  3. Two occupied tables.
  4. The only customers in the house.

Or, so I thought.

In the midst of the lively conversation at the other table, a woman stood up.

How long she had been sitting at a small table behind them, I do not know.

“Excuse me,” she as she stepped between two of the patrons, “You have been talking the entire time I’ve been here,”

as the now-quiet patrons stared at her,

“I can’t stand it. I’m leaving.”

No one said a word as she marched out of the café.

“She should eat at the library,” one of the offending parties finally said.

“Get a study room,” smirked the other.

Just to put this scene in perspective.

  1. None of the trouble makers wore leather or chains.
  2. No one had lip rings or spiked hair.

More like dentures or Depends. A group well qualified for senior discounts.

As for making a public disturbance, I’ve had thoughts louder than most of their bantering.

Mom and I finished our meal and left.

The group stayed on. Laughing and talking. The irritation and anger left with the woman who had just marched out.

I was not surprised.

  • Some teenagers would have yelled back at her.
  • Young moms or dads may have argued with her.

Not these guys.

They were too old to let someone else’s unhappiness ruin their day.

They would never consider letting anyone steal their joy.

4 thoughts on “When Canadian’s Head South and Senior Citizen’s Raise Hell–Don’t let it steal your joy

  1. You should see when us Williams siblings get together! We could clear out a whole restaurant! lol!

  2. I am on the side of the “old as dirt” bunch. They can talk as loud as they please. They can always turn off the hearing aid and pretend the lady was giving them a compliment. Good blog.

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