Every Kind of Beautiful–looking good in your own skin

jelly jars 2

I know they’re up there.

On the top floor of some media conglomerate. Sitting around a long glass table.

  • Crotchety old men with horrid toupees.
  • Powerful women thin as low-fat pretzels.

They drink martinis. Stare at glossy pictures as they ascertain -what next season’s concept of beautiful will be.

Oh, don’t forget the cool girls who travel in tight clusters or the yummy mommies giggling and gossiping while their designer children play.

As the rest of us go through our ordinary day, they decide who is hot and who is not.

A certain

  • weight,
  • body build,
  • skin tone,
  • symmetry of feature

determines if you are in or out.

Of what?

  1. Some self absorbed geezer’s ogling radar?
  2. Some aging facelift queen’s hallowed hall of approval?
  3. Some self-absorbed popular girl’s circle of friends?

Don’t play the game.

It’s a lie.

Beauty is not endless repetition –

Like an rows and rows of jelly jars, stack of bricks or  perfectly matching  paper flowers cut by some automated machine.

It’s all about diversity and individuality.

  1. The nose.
  2. The eyes.
  3. The chin.
  4. A Boisterous laugh.
  5. A quiet smile.

Intricate as snowflakes in the winter. Varied as the leaves in the fall.

fall leaves

Step up. Be real.

Embrace the beauty that is you.

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