Beyond the Big job, Fat check and Fancy House -what really matters most in life.


My first job.

Bill’s Dollar store in Kountze, Texas.

Most boring task – refolding the “old lady” bras after chest-challenged customers finished pawing through them.

It gets worse.

The most dreaded task–cleaning the outhouse behind the store. Yes, outdoor plumbing in 1976. It was an original dollar store after all.

One afternoon, I got a surprise. The aftermath of a customer’s personal “plumbing problem” splattered across the interior of said out-house.

But, I scrubbed, disinfected and cleaned it all. For 1. 75 per hour.

Why? I was desperate for financial independence in a town full of haves and have-nots. Not many folks existed in- between.

You can guess where I belonged.

Where did I want to be?

With people like the owner of the local Western Auto. He had a white Cadillac and a two story house that looked like a movie set from Gone With the Wind –before the Civil War.

The American dream, yah know.

Beautiful home. Two point two kids. Retirement fund.

Didn’t happened quite that way. I got sidetracked. Went on mission trips. Got involved in causes causes bigger than the row of zeros on a pay check. Fell in love. Had kids. Got a vision of what God can do with one ordinary person not afraid to follow Him.

Sound irresponsible? A bit foolish? Too much idealism for an occupant of a fallen world?

Maybe, but that’s where I’m at. My husband and I don’t own a home. We don’t have an extravagant pension. But, we have purpose. We take risks to see lives changed.

Life is not an inclusive resort. It’s a  journey of faith and trust.

The ultimate adventure.


How about you?

What makes you want to get up in the morning?

Gives you peace just before you fall asleep at night?

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Big job, Fat check and Fancy House -what really matters most in life.

  1. Yes, Renee, I hear you. You have invested in many lives and one day you will see all of this from an eternal perspective and it will have been well worth it.

  2. This sure hit a chord, Renee. as you know, I’ve battled with this over the last few years. I had it all planned out, full pension at 55, house (although small) paid off the same year. Then I fell in love, gave up my job to move out here to be close to the step-daughter, only to have her mother send her away to boarding school. Still, as I look back and wonder about the future, the experiences I’ve had in the “new life” could not be bought.

    You have invested in your kids’ lives–and aren’t you so proud (the good kind of proud) in where they are right now. You have invested in your husband’s life (where would our husbands be without us?). And you have touch the lives of those around you–including me.

    Love you,

    1. thanks Linda for your comments and encouragement. Some of our talks have been instrumental in helping me hold onto the truth and value what matters. God is so good, beyond what we even think is good. I know you live that way and you have touched lives, my family included!

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