Faith and Prayer and Manipulation–Can we actually make God give us what we want or does He give us what we need?


girl praying

I lost my glasses.

Not good. I need them to read. See people’s faces from far away.

I looked in the couch. Under the car seat. Behind the dryer. Above the fridge.

Nothing except

  • Weird, smudgy dust clumps
  • Pennies and nickels
  • Two dog leashes I had been looking for since last winter.

After a week I kicked the search up a notch. Grabbed my work keys, my trusty little dog who needed a walk and widened the search parameter.

  1. Nothing in my office.
  2. Nothing in the College Learning Center.
  3. Nothing in the dorms.

Stressed with the results, I began to click an attachment to my key ring all the way home. Clicked it closed. Clicked it open. Clicked it closed.

What I didn’t notice is that the master key was hanging lose on this same apparatus. Somewhere on the walk between home and work the master key slid off.

Bad business.

For me.

For the school I work for.

For entire church/academy/college complex that the school is associated with.

I cried. Prayed. Kept looking.

Finally the guilt hit me. Didn’t even see it coming. This title wave of incrimination.

  • If you hadn’t lost your glasses.
  • If you had kept your keys all together on a secure ring.
  • If only you had the faith.
  • God would have showed you where they were by now.

I started to beg God to help me. I even squeezed my fists in an effort to conjure up more faith.

No key appeared -not even the pair of glasses that by now had downgraded in priority of prayer requests.

It was shaping up to be a bad day all around.

Not horrible bad like a five car pile-up or a new serial killer on the loose.

Just the weight of my humanity pressing down on me.

I was losing things left and right and I didn’t even have the faith to convince God to give them back to me.

That’s when I buckled.

“Just get me thought this day,” I prayed in the middle of the field behind the dorms, “Don’t leave me alone.”

I called for my dog Molly. She bounded up to me and sat.

I gave her a treat and took her home.

I ate the supper. Cleaned the kitchen. Watched a movie.

“Got a surprise for you,” said a family member as he walked through the front door. He held out his hand. Dangling on tip of his fingers was my key.

I hugged his neck.

He told me where he found it.

  1. Lying in the pool of light
  2. By the steps of the amphitheater.

Same spot I had looked at over and over again all day.

I prayed. God answered.

But, what was the answer?

You have enough faith. Here’s the key.


I did get my key back, after all.

But, what about glasses I still can’t find?

I don’t know. I may never know.

God does what He does for reasons that sometimes only He understands.

Fact is, He was there. Heard my prayer. Understood my struggle.

He stayed with me all through the day.

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