Feeling Unheard in an Instant Message World – Whose to blame? You’d be surprised.

holding hands

It’s hard to be real.

To be gut-wrenching honest. Even then, we can be misunderstood.

Why not blame the internet for the lack of transparency between people? For replacing true connection with Facebook, twitter and Amazon.com.

What about

  • television.
  • The telephone.
  • Reading the newspaper at breakfast
  • The latest book.

Somewhere, something has to take the blame for the isolation in our lives.

Show your face, you villain.

Which one of you drives people to disconnect? What kind of demented creature causes members of community to pull away from authentic interaction?

None of the above.

It’s us. Human beings. We have been distorting our circumstances since the beginning of time.

Take Adam and Eve, for example. They hid in the garden hoping God would not discover their sin.

We do the same.

Try to look better than we are. Appear to be more fun. Less afraid. Way more connected than we really are.

We hide the deepest parts of our hearts even when we are with the ones we love.

So, please don’t take a hacksaw to your computer in an attempt to reclaim the purity of relationship.

It just isn’t going to happen- this total exposure of one soul to another. Not here. Not now.

As much as we try to see and be clearly seen, the smudges of living in a fallen world cloud our vision.

The author of the first book of Corinthians wrote about this in chapter thirteen.

“For now,” the author wrote, “we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

At the best of times, we only know a bit about each other. When it comes to God, we can barely  comprehend who He is.

Eternity is where the real connection begins.

Heaven is our hope.

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