A Biblical Guide to the Amazing Adventures of Owning a Dog.

basketball molly

Think of a puddle of milk. Add  splotches of chocolate. That’s what our dog Molly looks like.

Don’t let this picture fool you.

She acts more like  espresso than chocolate milk. I swear there is enough caffeine careening through those veins to supply any drink dispenser at Starbucks.

Molly rushes through the living room. She slides across the kitchen linoleum to keep from smashing her nose into the cabinets. Sometimes she stops. Other times she looks like a pancake on four legs.

Her greatest calling?

Escape artist. She is a quivering bundle of energy blasting down the sidewalk.  A furry missile slicing through the field on the other side of the college property.

Yes, I know this is not the most stellar behavior for a dog who is eighteen months old. But, you have to give her credit for her speed. Imagine an eighteen month old kid moving that fast.

We are in the process of training her.

To be honest, we are always in the process of training her

  1. to sit.
  2. to stay.
  3. to come.
  4. to fetch a ball.

Good news –she’s getting better. A little. But, she is better. Today, she came to me from across the field. Every time I called.

Molly still went ballistic when she saw someone she knew. She gyrated so fast, I thought she would become airborne.

But, she didn’t.

Molly just ran around and around. Faster and faster.

Why do I put up with a creature who’s mission in life is to

  • eat
  • poop,
  • run around
  • and sleep?

I’ve seen more obedient dogs. With stronger pedigrees. Better builds. Calmer temperaments.

Answer – Because she’s mine. I’m committed to her care. Plain and simple.

Next question.

Who would dare to compare God’s love for  us to a human’s love for their pet dog?


Why not?  We are all made in the image of God.

Albeit, our image is

  1. flawed by sin,
  2. warped by depravity.

Yet, there are glimpses of that divine stamp in each on of us.

  • In acts of compassion.
  • During moments of sacrifice.
  • With demonstrations of patience.

Bits and pieces of our soul that reflect the heart of God.

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