Who stops the bad guys? Understanding God in a crazy world.


police lights

Have you ever wondered about the bad guys? How come they don’t get stopped?

God can. Sometimes He does.

But, not always. Not this time.

In Aurora, Colorado, folks headed to the Century Aurora 16 multiplex. All they wanted to do was watch “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Sounds innocent enough.

Then, how come 12 never came home?

Fact is, they never will.

Fifty nine others are wounded. Many in critical condition.

It doesn’t seem

  • fair,
  • just,
  • equitable

for the ones who died. For the ones left behind.

I don’t understand God.

I never did. Never will.

How can I? He sees everything from the vantage of eternity. He acts on absolutes that will outlast all the philosophies of time.

And, He cares.

It’s hard to believe it when we live in a civilization gone mad, when a lone gunman can turn the world upside down.

What’s left to do? Hide our families? Start packing guns ourselves?

On days like today I feel like I’m huddled in a straw hut with the characters in the The Little Pigs. I feel like I’m just waiting for the big, bad wolf who will surely come and blow my house down.

Maybe. Maybe not.

But, I can’t hide. Close my eyes until the darkness goes away. I believe in God. In His righteousness. In His love.

There is only one thing I can do.


About the people around me.

  1. The hurting.
  2. The confused.
  3. The troubled.

Look them in the eye. Listen. Let them know that they matter to me and to God. .

It may not seem much in the light of today’s tragedy. But, it’s something.

Something good. Something kind. Something whole in a broken world.

One thought on “Who stops the bad guys? Understanding God in a crazy world.

  1. I think it’s so true that we need to care for one another. What does a person go through that leads to such unbelievable behavior, I wonder. My prayers are with the grieving loved ones.

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