Surf, Sand and Runaway Thoughts–part two on examining lies in our lives.

photo lobby acumel

Your attention please!

This is NOT a  picture of my husband doing interpretive dance in the middle of an ice cream cone. He is is certainly talented and handsome. He’s just not that tall.

Folks, it’s a statue. In Mexico. In the middle of the Grand Bahia Principe Resort lobby. Not far from our little hacienda suite.

I like the statue. But, I’m not really curious about it.

  • Where it came from.
  • What it represents.
  • How much it would cost to take the guy home.

I’ve got more important things on my mind.

If you’ve read yesterday’s blog. you know I’m more interested in

  1. examining the crazy thoughts
  2. that rise like ancient relics
  3. way down inside myself.

Questions is – where do these lies come from?

Some lies come from past experiences.

Maybe we were

  • bullied,
  • abused
  • rejected by someone we loved.

The pain of one experience can denote an explosion that

  1. destroys our innocence,
  2. damages our perspective,
  3. distorts our understanding of God’s love,

From that moment on, everything that happens is viewed through the pain of the past. Even if the experience is inherently good, we can’t see  it for what it is. We are blinded by the reflection of what has gone on before.

I know.

That’s why I often

  • judge people too  quickly.
  • avoid developing friendships.
  • back away from challenges.

Even if my brain says “Hey, great opportunity”,  my heart responds with “No, way. Keep safe.”  So, I stick with the familiar.

No wonder the old pain never dies.

I watch it

  1. grow in proportion and importance
  2. each time I fail to turn away
  3. from the memories that keep me in a perpetual state of mourning.

No way will I take risks with relationships.

  1. I was horribly teased in sixth grade. (Other people don’t really like people like me.)
  2. I was dumped by my fiancé when I was nineteen. (How could any one commit to me?)
  3. I lost my Dad suddenly when I was twenty-six. ( I can’t even trust the only ones who truly care about me to stay around.)

I faced other disappointment in the years that followed. Other lies formed that further changed my perspective.

Not good. Perspective is everything.

How you see life is how you live life. That is why I check my thoughts. Challenge my motives. Examine God’s Word.

I need truth. As a mom. A wife. A tutor. A human being.

Lies hold us down. Truth sets us free.

Sometimes we need to reach out to others to get out of our pain. Therapy. Counseling. The support of our church, our family and friends.

What ever we must do, we must do so that we can live in truth.

Right now I’m a woman on vacation. I don’t want to be held back by insecurities. I want to be free.

  • To love,
  • to learn,
  • to swim. (I’m on vacation, remember?)

So lies, watch out, I’m tired of hauling you around. Especially to the beach.

Truth is, I have issues. We all do. I’m a mess. We all are.

But, God loves each and every one of us. Mess and all.

So, excuse me, while I take this mess-of-me and run across the white sands of the Mayan Rivera.  Plunge into the Caribbean. Watch the fish swim under my feet.

I’ve got a sunburn to catch.

See ya tomorrow!

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