Dirty Feet, Lounge Chairs and the Son of God–How to lead with eternal perspective.

dirty feet


Big ones. Skinny ones. Sunburned and tan.

They are every where on the beach. Some belong to tourists like me.  Others belong to the servers who

  • wind their way
  • in and out of the rows of lounge chairs
  • bringing drinks to the tourists
  • and then taking the empty glasses away.

No doubt.

There is a definite distinction between the feet of servants and those being served.

It’s the order of things. It’s how the system works. Not just here, but all over the world. Everyone has his or her place.

In some cultures the woman serves the man. His wish is her command.

In other cultures there are

  1. fortune five hundred companies
  2. with CEOs who live like kings
  3. while the nine to five crew just hope to keep their job
  4. long enough to pay their rent.

It’s the way we humans are. Constantly sorting out each other in most every way.

  • Who’s the tallest.
  • Who’s the most talented.
  • Who’s the strongest.
  • Who’s in charge.

Everywhere humans congregate, it happens.

Even in churches.

Yes, even in the kingdom of God “not made with hands”.

Not all, but many gatherings of God’s kingdom are tainted by human reasoning.

The hierarchy is easily recognizable. There is a wide gulf between the leaders and the ordinary parishioner.  In many cases the head guy holds a tight rein on most workings of the church. He is just as wary of being over thrown by his minions as

  1. kings of third world countries
  2. Generals of rebel armies
  3. Conglomerate presidents.

They follow a tried and true rule of thumb.

  • Maintain eye contact and watch your back at the same time.
  • Never let anyone in your personal space.
  • Demand total allegiance.

Last one’s more than a little scary. I have to ask –

  • total allegiance to whom?
  • Another human or God?

Clarify please, because it makes a difference whether we put our lives in the hands in a fallible person or in the everlasting arms of the Almighty God.

Jesus founded the church. He represented ultimate authority during his time on earth.

He was, and still is, the

1. great shepherd,

2. King of Kings

3. Lord of Lords.

And, yet, He turned the sorting rituals of man upside down. Picked grimy fishermen to follow him. Men with

  • serious personal issues.
  • No money
  • No education
  • No commanding presence or refinement.

How did he whip those guys into shape?

  1. Power lunches?
  2. Promise of bigger and better positions?
  3. Threats of ostracizing anyone who stepped out of line?

Not a chance.

In His ministry on earth, Jesus chose to serve rather than be served.

Just before Jesus arrested and killed, he removed his outer garments. IN an act of humility, He knelt before his disciples. He knew which ones would

  • betray Him.
  • deny Him.
  • eventually give their own lives for His name’s sake.

Jesus, wrapped a towel around His waist and poured water in a bowl. Then, He washed his disciple’s feet.

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