What do Wild Vines, Strange Critters and Soggy Swimsuits Say? God is alive and well on planet Earth


Ah, the jungles of Mexico…


They surround our vacation resort.  Clusters in thick patches in between buildings. It presses against the roadways between the towering lobbies of Akumal, Coba and Tulum.

I’m not talking just about coconut trees and thick green foliage with leaves the size of surfboards. There’s the wildlife to consider, strange creatures wondering in and out.

I’m not just talking about the sunburned critters with head phones carting plates of French fries and guacamole to their rooms.

There’s iguanas and lizards taking in the sun.



After the rain, bands of coatis head for the “leftovers” buffet.


The bravest coatis grab bits of hot dog bun right out of the trash cans.

If tourists with soggy swimsuits were not swarming around it wouldn’t take long for the jungle to reclaim this land. The pool would turn stagnant and become a swamp. The tennis courts would crack. The restaurants would become terrariums. Retaining walls would crumble. The beach would go back to its rugged spread of rocks and debris from the deep.

Give it a year and I don’t think that much would be left.

Makes me think of home.

If everyone in Surrey, B.C.  took holidays at the same time, there would be nothing but one big blackberry patch when we got back. Sometimes I swear I can see its thorny tentacles grow right in before my eyes.

Ever doubt the existence of God?

Take a look around you. The complexity of creation should be enough to ease your mind.

Observe the wonders He’s set in motion.

No need to fine tune the flow of the currents, rearrange the seasons or redesign the configuration of underbrush. God’s creation just grows and climbs and surges and expands.

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