Displays of honest emotion–it’s not just a dog’s life.

I am a fairly reserved person when it comes to emotional demonstration.

Not my dog, Molly.


Last night,  I came home after being gone for seven days.

I staggered in to the kitchen covered in

  • Mexico’s humidity
  • airport grime.

Molly didn’t care.

Her tail wagged furiously. She sprang up like a pogo stick on steroids. Over and over again. 

I commanded her to sit. It was like telling Niagara falls to get her foamy little butt back up the cliff.

Way too much force behind the flow.

Molly’s shooting straight up in the air is a little unnerving. But, I definitely felt missed. 

Unbridled displays of emotion are recorded all through the Bible.

  1. David dancing before the Lord.
  2. Jesus weeping for lost Israel.
  3. Jacob ripping his garments in grief when he saw his son Joseph’s coat covered in blood.

Experiencing sorrow and joy is part of living. Revealing our feelings to other people is a way of showing who we really are. What we really think. How we really care.