The Strange World of a Weird Kid–why it’s worth exploring.



The weird kid.

There’s one in every group.

You know the child who acts like she’s got invisible headphones tuned to some crazy music from another planet.

I know. I once was one, too.

I was an anomaly of shy mannerisms and impulsiveness. One minute I pressed myself against the wall in an effort to become another layer of paint.

The next minute I was trying to figure out how much saliva I could gather in my mouth at one time. Once the experiment reached a critical point, I spat the entire glob on the classroom floor.

The teacher interpreted my scientific studies as a deliberate attempt to take over the class.

Not cool.

And, not true. I was offended that she would think I wanted to spend the rest of my life torturing students with reading, writing and arithmetic.

I wanted to be home. A place where weird was not so outrageous.

In fact, my younger siblings loved me for it. My unique take on life helped me see things differently. I entertained them with my off beat imagination. We played Natural Disaster games like Tornado and Flash Flood.

Of course, I had to go over the line with games like Concentration Camp in the abandon chicken coop behind the house. What else could I do with the information from school?

Most weird people draw from the same information bank as other people. It’s how  they put it together that makes them hard to understand.

It can be a good thing.

  • Einstein
  • Edison.
  • Beethoven.
  • Michelangelo.

None of them were exactly mainstream. Yet, their

  1. inventions
  2. art
  3. music

reshaped society.

Maybe there is a weird kid who drives you crazy with incessant questions or sullen silence.

Have a little patience.

Try to get to know them on their own terms. You may be just fall in love with a fascinating soul.

It happened to me.

Adults reaching out when I thought no one in the world understood who I was. The time they spent with me changed the way I saw the world.

Why not get to know the kid who seem a little unorthodox?

Trust me. They will be glad you did.

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