If The Toilet Paper Roll of Your Relationship Starts to Unravel– Take a tip from the 70’s singing sensation Chicago.

toliet paper

Love is like a roll of toilet paper.

Yes, you read it right.

Toilet paper. Maybe not the most celebrated item of a marriage. But, ask anyone who’s run out. It’s essential.

Back to my analogy – the stroke of literary genius that’s going to put Forest Gump’s “Life is a box of chocolates” into permanent retirement.

Love is like a roll of toilet paper. If somebody we love walks away, a part of us goes with them. Like a bit of the tissue stuck to the bottom of a shoe, the roll just keeps unraveling.

Reminds me of Chicago’s hit “If You Leave Me Now” from the album Chicago X.

“If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me..”

Deep truth.

For all you Hill Song diehards, please look past the lack of Holy Ghost buzzwords. Truth is truth.

We got to hold onto our roll of toilet paper.

Make amends.

“A love like ours is love that’s hard to find
How could we let it slip away
We’ve come too far to leave it all behind
How could we end it all this way
When tomorrow comes and we’ll both regret
The things we said today.”

Thanks, Chicago. It’s some of the best relationship advice I’ve heard in a long time.

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