No matter how damaged the soul or annoying the song, Jesus still loves the little children of the world.


An old song from my childhood took over my brain space today. No, it wasn’t The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round.


Enough kids sing that song from the backseats of mini vans and our society will die. One brain cell at a time. 

Mine was more of a theologically intellectual tune called Jesus Loves the Little Children.

Yeah, yeah, maybe not so much for a woman my age. Simple song. Foundational truth. But, I absolutely love the line that says “they are precious in His sight”. Because they really are. You know, all the little children of the world.

Made me think of the movie Precious.

It’s about an overweight, illiterate teenage girl. Clareece "Precious" Jones.

  • Beaten by her mother.
  • Raped twice by her own father.
  • Resulting in pregnancy. Both times.
  • Tormented by classmates.

She has everything and seemingly everyone against her. Even herself.

Precious. An ironic name for someone who seems to have never been cherished by any intelligent being.


Maybe not.

A social worker and a teacher enter her life. They help the best they can. But, they have their own struggles and limitations.

As in real life, not all the pieces quite fit together.

  • School is still rough.
  • Mom still tries to hurt her.
  • Dad is still a nasty piece of work.

But, there’s more to Precious than the pain. She has hopes and dreams. Fantasies of being loved and admired like other human beings.

Actually, far, far from fantasy.

We are all precious in God’s sight.  Each and every one of us.

No secret abuse or public humiliation can change that.

We are loved.

By God.

The question is, will we in turn, love our selves?

That’s where the plot turns to a place most movies dare not go. Away from dramatic rescue scenes. To a quiet revolution inside Precious. A growing determination.

That’s when Precious simply decides to take responsibility for her own life.

  1. Say how she feels.
  2. Choose how she will live.
  3. Take care of her kids.
  4. Get her education.

Yes, yes, I know about the pit falls ahead. Insurmountable odds. Overwhelming roadblocks.

But, courage and motivation is a beginning. An awareness of personal worth and strength is a big step.

Not just for Clareece "Precious" Jones.

For all of us.

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