The Road Between Two Worlds



Tomorrow’s the wedding. (See Monday through Thursday blogs for details.)

Then, we wind our way out of the hills. Head back to the city.

My husband is glad. He stayed home to

  • Work.
  • Eat Costco casseroles.
  • Watch TV with Molly at night. (Molly’s our dog and sort of practice grandchild.)

But, I’ll miss the woods and the lake. ( I took this picture with one of those ancient pre I-phone cellphones. Not bad, eh?)


I’ll miss my extended family.

Sorry, no pictures. They must remain incognito, legends that they are.

  • Ruler of the trees.
  • Riders of the four wheelers and mud-spattered vehicles.
  • Masters of the woodstove and stockpiles of chopped up logs heaped outside their homes.

I’ll even miss the stories of bizarre encounters with wild animals.

moose dog fightpicture by Lynn Cole of Ponderosa Estates Idaho.

Look closely.

Tucker is the dog. The moose is the moose. My sister is the one behind the lens.

Now, I ask you, was it

  1. temporality insanity
  2. or Hillbilly bravery

that inspired sister to shoot this scene?

By the time you figure it out, I’ll be half way back to

  • rush hour traffic,
  • strip malls
  • and the emergency vehicle sirens that rip through the night.

Absolutely can’t wait.

In the words of Dorothy, there’s no place like home.

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