Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Laugh–It’s healing and refreshing and just plain fun.

go on

Funny. Really, really funny.

That’s my impression of the pilot show I watched tonight.  It’s called Go On. All about support groups and grieving and loss.

I know. I know. Death is no laughing matter. But, hey, I’ve cried myself to sleep plenty of times. Faced the darkness.  Alone. Never once did a light shine down from heaven. No warm cloud of peace spun around me until I decided that pain was kind of cool.

It hurt. All night and then all day and the day after that and the day after that. Agonizing weeks, months and years that I really don’t want to live through again.

But, that’s life. The

  • confusion.
  • anger.
  • denial.

After you’ve been through it, you don’t want some I’ve-never-really-suffered-loss kind of guy making fun of the whole process.

It takes the gritty grin of a survivor to make me see humor in situations  that once tore me apart.

Makes me wonder who wrote Go On.

The main character is Matthew Perry. Love him or hate him, he is hilarious.

I know as sure as the Bible was translated into the King James version, some of you are going to tear this show apart. Theological blooper by theological blooper.

For once, don’t get all pious. Don’t shake your haloed head at it’s irreverence to grieving.

Actually, we all pretty much know that

  1. life can suck.
  2. Hearts can break.
  3. Worlds can shatter.
  4. Joy can be just a memory.
  5. Laughter can be a language we forget how to speak.

But, when you remember again, go ahead and smile.

Tonight, I laughed harder than the time my grandma wore welding goggles for eyeglasses.

And, trust me, that was funny.

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