The Game of Life should be Clue- One move can change the lives around you.


game of clue

The game of Clue. the all-American past time for kids. Imagine that – putting together messy crime scene one roll of the dice at a time. And, you thought video games were violent.

Love it or hate it, I bet you played it at least once during your  formative years.  You know, that span of time when you were constantly tormented by 

  • hormones,
  • peer pressure
  • and some big pimples.

I’m still playing it . This time there’s no Colonel Mustard. In the Library. With the candle stick.

I’m playing it in real life.

It happened today. With friends. From the Bible College. During the afternoon. In my home.  

What’s the big deal, you may ask. Somebody get killed?

No, just the opposite. Somebody opened her home to someone else. Happens all the time.

We just have no idea how profound that moment can be. Sharing  parts of our lives with the people around us. That’s what community is all about.

But, that was not the end of the game.

“Put this in your blog,” my mother insisted later in the evening. She proceeded to tell me what happened to the pastor of her church. At Thanksgiving he invited a man into his home. This man had frequented the Salvation Army food bank many, many times.

“I thank God for the food,” the man said when asked what he was thankful for, “And I thank him for you people. But, most of all I thank God for letting me come into your home. I haven’t been invited into someone’s home for 30 years.”

A homeless man. At the dinner table. Surrounded by friends. First time in 30 years.

Great game.

Maybe it’s not so outdated after all. Not when the mystery of loneliness and isolation is solved one move at a time.