New Places, Strange Faces–how to survive the first days of school when you just want to head back home.




Today was the first day of Bible College.

  1. Music blaring from the Welcome tents.
  2. Returning students squealing like groupies at a rock concert every time they greeted one of their friends.
  3. New students, parents and piles of luggage spilling out of ordinary sized cars.   

There were cans of pop, bowls of candy and chips and even a bouncy castle for those squealers needing to work off some of their uber-welcome energy.

I thought of my first day of Bible college

  • many years ago
  • when dinosaurs roamed the earth
  • and disco was the hottest sound alive.

Before I unpacked my suitcase, I was ready to head back home.

It made perfect sense.  Home is where they love you just the way you are.

As I watched my parents drive away in their rusty station wagon, I realized that the odds were against me.  No way would such “belonging” happen to me again.  

No way would I make new friends. 

“Just give it a week,” the dorm mother pleaded when I told her I was bailing on this crazy social experiment called college life.

So, I did. Stay that is. Cried myself asleep and I cried myself awake. But, I stayed. 

Believe it or not, it did get easier. Especially

  • after the welcome hype subsided.
  • when classes started.
  • after the routine set in.

My advice?

Give it a shot. Hang in there. Don’t let the confident newbies intimidate you.

You just may find out that they are not as confident as they act. They may need friends, too.

And, who better than you?