The lies we believe. The Truth we often forget. The God whose love never fails.


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Oh, the lies we tell ourselves. Every single day.

Unless we are a narcissist, we don’t usually lie about how

  • great we are,
  • smart we are
  • or loved we are.

Most of our lies grow in the soil of our doubts.  We secretly doubt that

  • anyone could love us.
  • we could be as smart as everybody else.
  • we can make it through the day just being who we really are.

So we change how we look, how we act, what we say.

That’s really sad. It’s sort of like covering a work of art with Paper Mache. That’s what we are, you know. Not Paper Mache. A work of art. God’s art.

I know this truth. Love this truth. Try to live this truth.

But, not today.

I got stressed. Stressed about the new school year. The work load. The many ways I fall short of what I should be able to do.

This afternoon I felt like the writer of Lamentations chapter three when he said “My splendor is gone and all that I had hoped from the Lord.”

That was me. Empty. Without hope.

Well, I must admit that Jeremiah, the writer of this passage was having more than a bad day.

  • The city of Jerusalem had been destroyed.
  • The enemy was everywhere.
  • And, the people of Israel were being judged for their sin.

I would have been just as devastated as the city. My own emotional walls broken down.

“Yet this I call to mind,” Jeremiah wrote in the middle of his sorrow, “and therefore I have hope: because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed.”

Consumed. I think that is the fear of every trembling heart. Deep down we are terrified that somehow our circumstances will rise up and eat us alive.

Fact is, we are weak and we know it -even if some of us refuse to admit it.

We need God every single day.

That’s why I love the rest of what Jeremiah has to say.

“For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

That is what God’s love is all about.

  • Compassion that can stand in the midst of destruction and suffering.
  • Love that can hold us close when everything we hold dear falls apart.

Get real. Be brave. Read the book of Lamentations with me. You’ll be glad you did.