Blackberry Bushes, Banana Trees and the Local Church- How do they survive?


banana tree

When I was a kid a banana tree grew in our backyard.

  • Green as the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.
  • It’s leaves as thick as the Washington Post. 

“Chop that tree down,” Dad announced one afternoon.

Perhaps he was bored and wanted entertainment. Maybe he and Mom needed the house to themselves for a while.

It worked.

We hacked and yanked at the tree for hours. We ripped and pulled until it was gone.

Or, so we thought.

In a matter of weeks, little baby banana trees sprouted where the old banana tree once stood.

Made sense.  That’s the way God created plants and foliage to be.

  1. Roots penetrating deep into the soil.
  2. Vines stretching out across the ground.
  3. Tender shoots poking up through old growth.

Resilient. Reproducing to survive. 

Kind of reminds me of the church. It’s gone through some tough times. And, it will go through more.

That scares some people. They’re terrified that 

  • the next political election,
  • or society’s constant moral decay

will destroy this spiritual institution founded by Jesus Christ.  

Not so easily done.

In Matthew chapter 16, Jesus declared that even the gates of hell will not be able to prevail against it.

The church is here to stay.