Missing the good ole days? Get over it. Get on with it. Embrace the here and now.


maroburlo man


“Remember the good ole days?” I’ve heard people say,  “Everything was so much better than it is now.”

Oh, yeah, I know the rest.

  1. People had manners.
  2. Kids knew their place.
  3. Sin was sin.
  4. Everyone went to church.

Well, if you really want to walk down memory lane, let’s go all the way.

I remember when

  • no one wore seatbelts
  • and smoking was the coolest thing to do. 

In the good ole days

  • kids worked in factories eight hours a day. 
  • Fathers beat their kids in public.
  • Women were refused the right to vote.
  • Human beings were hunted down like dogs because of the color of  their skin.

Don’t fool yourself. We never started out perfect. We never will be. Mankind is a mess. Broken from the inside out.

  1. No legislation or political candidate is going to turn the human heart around.
  2. No social programs can chase the darkness from the soul.

Every person needs a light and a hope. A place to call home. The gospel of love and forgiveness.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We all need Jesus.

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