Sometimes We All Hit the Wall.


dean gone wild


It must have been a crazy night at the Fall college retreat. Someone hit the wall on the weekend. Literally.

This time, the wall gave in.

Seriously, it happened during a spoof of “Do you think you can dance?”.

Gyrating far beyond the sophistication of most human beings, a professor slammed into the wall. Left a dent. In the drywall. It was the actual imprint of a very focused man.  

Yes, I missed this dramatic moment. But, just watching the YouTube video reminded me of the time I hit the wall in College. The proverbial wall, that is.

In was a cold, winter’s night. The library was getting ready to close. In an attempt to prevent death by boredom, a  student challenged me to a car race.

“Double bonus,” I said to myself, “I’ll get the attention of this cute guy and show everyone on campus how cool I am.”

Heretofore, I was not exactly known as the smartest or the most witty girl on campus. My grades sagged like an old back pack. My attempts to be funny prompted more eye rolls than chuckles.

“Start your engines,” yelled my competitor from the window of his car. I turned the key.  The motor roared.

“Come on, come on,” I said as I drove across the parking lot. The other guy shot out ahead of me.  

Not ready to admit defeat, I yanked the steering wheel toward the wide expanse of lawn at the Collage entrance. If I drove straight through I could cut the other guy off and win. With my foot on the gas, I surged forward.

And then, I hit the wall.

Or, I should say the old foundation for the School sign.  It was like smashing into a massive speed bump.

The car shuttered. All four wheels left the ground. When we plummeted back to earth, my surprised grin just about slammed into my brain.

Propelled by the force of the flight, the car shot onto the road and through a red light.

I cringed, expecting the implosion of side doors. Surely, cars would slam into me on both sides. 

I survived, only because the road was empty.

I slowed down, let the other guy win.

Ok, it wasn’t my finest hour. Not only did I launch a vehicle in the air, I hit the proverbial wall.

  1. Went to far.
  2. Too fast.
  3. Lunged out beyond my ability.

All you folks who are shaking your heads, just calm down.

Be honest. We all hit the wall at sometime.  Maybe it’s

  • poor planning,
  • unavoidable circumstances
  • to just not knowing when to slow down

that slams us against the odds.

Not always a good outcome. Like my college stunt. Not something to try at home.

Why not just watch Top Gear or spend the day riding bumper cars? Live to die another day is not just a great movie title. It’s smacking good advice.

But, please, fully live each moment.

Which brings me to my conclusion. Just because you hit the wall does not mean you should never attempt to do the almost impossible. 

Maybe it’s

  1. a calling that doesn’t make sense to anyone else.
  2. a book inside you that burning to be written.
  3. a longing to marry and have a family.
  4. a dream of starting a new ministry.

God cares about you. He will always be there for you. Even it you hit the wall.

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