The Day of the Spider–a lesson on facing those little fears.


spiderpic taken by the very brave  and intrepid Renee Hixson 


“There’s a spider on your sweater,” my daughter yelled as I walked across the family room.

“Get if off me,” I responded casually. I figured it was one those Daddy Long Legs looking things. A flick of the hand and it would be gone.   

“Not this spider,” she said and ran out of the room. Now I was concerned. So, I ripped my sweater off.

No spider.

When I looked down I saw a massive blob with stubby legs sprawled on the floor.

I stepped back and lifted my sweater

  • not knowing that
  • the conniving little insect
  • held on to it with a tiny little thread.

That’s when the spider flew up into the air and down the front of my shirt. 

No more be-kind-to-spiders day for me.  I sprinted to the laundry room and pulled my shirt off as fast as I could.

I looked down. Again.

This time the spider lay curled up like a miniature basketball.

After I redressed, my daughter appeared. She held a wooden flute in her hand. 

“Where were you,” I asked, “when I needed your help?”

She claimed that it took time to find the right weapon. I countered that I could have died while she rummaged through her room.

But, I didn’t.

Note: My daughter and I banished the spider from our residence. We continued our day without seeing anything like that spider again.

Still, I felt weird, like tiny little legs were inching across my back. I imaged a blobby little belly bouncing through my hair.

“Hope that spider was an introvert,” I thought, “cause I don’t want to  face a million of it’s friends looking for revenge.”

Crazy thoughts, I told myself. It was  just a spider.  A life form smaller than my little toe.

But, it shook me. Dominated me with it’s weirdly striped legs and puffy body segments. Stayed in my thoughts even though it was gone.

Fears are like that. They play with our mind. Build a vision of a nasty future with fragments of what is already in the  past.

Matt 6: 34 encourages us not to “worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Take it from me, a spider encounter survivor.

Don’t load up with fears of tomorrow. Focus on the blessing of today. 

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