Grumpy, whiny me and the way God wants me to be.


be nice


Be nice.

I’m not talking about a squishy-wishy-you’re-so-wonderful kind of nice. That’s manipulation dressed up in fancy clothes.

Just treat other people like human beings. Creations of God. Precious souls stamped with His image.

Not something I’m always inclined to do.

When I forget how much God loves me I get insecure. You should hear the rant that follows.

“I’m dumb. I’m stupid. Nobody likes me.”

And, so, I treat people accordingly. Avoiding eye contact. Rationing words like they’re the last rolls of toilet paper on the planet. Sniffing and sniveling like an elephant with serious sinus problems, I make quite a scene.


But, not very nice.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try again. Beginning the day focusing on how  much  God loves me and how much He loves other people, too.

God does love the world. So much He gave His only Son to die for us. To save us from our sin.  The demonstration of that love starts with you and me.

No need for strobe lights. Big bands. Oversized TV screens. We can show the world God’s love one compassionate moment at a time.

Be nice.

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